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Backpacking Trips

Break away from everyday life and find a piece of peace for yourself.

Family Hiking Trips

Breathe in clean air and relax while walking. Enjoy food and drink and you can drink water from mountain springs.

Water Sports

Enjoy sailing and boating, you can sail the calm rivers alone. If you are into adventure, do not miss the regatta on fast water courses.

Winter Sports

Unforgettable visit to the mountains during the winter.You can choose skiing or other winter sports.


All the brilliance and magnificence of nature is reflected in the caves. Mostly tourist tours are organized and some require special tourist guides and special equipment.

Archaeological findings

you can see the oldest testimony of human presence in: Lepenski vir, Felix Romuliana, Vinca, Justiniana prima.

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 You will meet the friendly population and delicious Serbian cuisine, you will taste very good wines.

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